"Pedal Pub" is a pub where customers can enjoy drinking while moving around the city while pedaling with their own feet. It is said to have originated in the Netherlands.

Compared to ordinary pubs, Pedal Pub is characterized by the fact that the store itself is "open" and easy to enter. In addition, it is said that it is easy to make friends with people who meet for the first time because all the people on board can share the experience of "rowing together". For this reason, Pedal Pub is highly popular in the Netherlands, European countries such as Germany, and some states in the United States.
The US mail-order site "Hammacher Schlemmer" sells Pedal Pub. The price is $ 40,000. We have inquired about the availability of purchases from Japan on the site, but no answer has been obtained at this time.

The Pedal Pub sold by Hammacher Schlemmer has a capacity of 17 people. Ten of them pedal and sweat as the pub moves forward. If 10 people row hard, they can run at 8 km / h on level ground. Also, if it is a slope, it can handle road gradients up to 6%. Climbing up a hill will make you sweat a lot, so beer will go on more and more.

A bench seat is attached to the rear of the Pedal Pub, which can seat up to three people. A total of 17 people, including one bartender, one driver, and two people sitting in saddle seats without pedals, will travel around the city while drinking alcohol.

A beer server is installed in the bartender's seat. The table comes with a cup holder designed to prevent drinks from spilling even if the Pedal Pub shakes. Four speakers are mounted on the roof, and you can connect an MP3 player such as an iPod to enjoy music.

The size of the Pedal Pub is 6 x 2.4 x 3 meters high and weighs about 1 ton.