Coffee tastes vary from person to person. Some people like the strong acidity, while others like the mellow taste. However, some people seem to have to have strong caffeine anyway.

The United States in New York Death Wish Coffee (suicidal coffee) is coffee shop for such a person. It sells "Death Wish Coffee," which boasts a normal 200% caffeine content. The £ 1 package costs $ 19.99 and the £ 5 package costs $ 80. It can be purchased from the company's online shopping site.

"Death Wish Coffee" £ 1 Package

Death Wish Coffee is a company whose primary mission is to adhere to fair trade and sell organically grown coffee in the shade of tropical forests while preserving the ecosystem. However, for some reason, it is also burning to sell coffee with the highest caffeine content in the world, and it is possible to purchase tight coffee beans that are never sold at ordinary coffee shops.

The catch phrase of such a company is as follows.

"We are a company that sells coffee with a high caffeine content that we cannot take responsibility for while fulfilling our social responsibilities. We purchase coffee at our own risk."

Death Wish Coffee logo

The logo is terrifying, but the coffee shop has a lot of deep-rooted fans. Recommended for those who work late at night to awaken their drowsiness! However, please drink at your own risk.