Peko-chan Poko-chan Strawberry Shortcake" at Fujiya Confectionery Shop

Peko-chan Poko Chan Day at Fujiya

Confectionery Store Fujiya Confectionery Store will hold a "Peko-chan Poko Chan Day" fair in conjunction with Children's Day on May 5. Sweets for Children's Day will be sold one after another.


Poko-chan Strawberry Shortcake

: Chantilly cream and sliced strawberries are sandwiched between sponge cake and decorated with helmet-shaped chocolates. The roll is decorated with colorful illustrations of Peko-chan and Poco Chan. The macaron skin with Peko-chan Poko-chan on it is served separately.

Peko-chan Poko-chan Strawberry Shortcake" at Fujiya Confectionery Shop

On sale Monday, May 1. Prices are SS (diameter: 130mm) 2,900 yen, S (diameter: 145mm) 4,200 yen, M (diameter: 170mm) 4,850 yen (tax included, same below).

Kabuto Cake

: This cake is decorated with the image of a


, a small insect decorated with wishes for good health and healthy growth. Cocoa sponge is layered with pudding and chocolate mousse, and finished with a glossy chocolate glaze.

Fujiya Confectionery "Kabuto Cake

The cake measures approximately 70 mm in diameter and goes on sale on Monday, May 1. Price: 540 yen.

Soreike! Anpanman Strawberry Shortcake

: A sponge cake sandwiched between yellow peaches and apples in syrup, finished with condensed milk chanterelle cream for a gentle taste. The cream contains lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides, which are good for your health. The top is decorated with six strawberries and a glass doll of Anpanman wearing a helmet. The band is a pop design of Anpanman and his friends.

Fujiya Confectionery "Soreike! Anpanman Strawberry Shortcake" and "Soreike! Anpanman Strawberry Chocolate Shortcake

Approximately 145mm in diameter, priced at 4,200 yen. Soreike," finished with milk chocolate chanterie cream! Anpanman Strawberry Chocolate Shortcake" finished with milk chocolate chantilly cream is also available.

It contains "Kyarapaki Excavation Dinosaur Chocolate!


Fun Chocolate Cake

A new type of cake in which the cake is eaten to unearth chocolate. A layer of cocoa sponge, chocolate ganache, and chocolate cream is filled with Bandai's popular "Chara-Paki Excavation Dinosaur Chocolate". There are a total of 16 different chocolate designs, and it is up to you to decide what you want to get.

Fujiya Confectionery Shop's "Chalapaki Excavated Dinosaur Chocolate" with! Excavation Fun Chocolate Cake

Released on Monday, April 17. The product is approximately 70 mm in diameter and priced at 440 yen. Purchasers of this product will receive one "Chara-Paki-Excavated Dinosaur Chocolate" in limited quantities (a total of 8 types of chocolate patterns).

Chalapaki Excavated Dinosaur Chocolate Cake! Excavation fun chocolate cake

The product may not be available at all stores, or may be sold out.
Some Fujiya restaurants will also sell "Children's Day" products.
The standard tax rate (10%) will apply to food and beverages at the eat-in space, and the prices differ from the tax-included prices shown on the website.