Bourbon "200g Choco Biscuit (Disney Easter)

Bourbon Easter Limited Edition Sweets

Bourbon will release four limited-edition Easter sweets on February 23 to coincide with the event celebrating the arrival of spring. The estimated price is 350 yen each (excluding tax).

Easter is an event in Europe and the United States where families celebrate the arrival of spring and the birth of life. The symbols of Easter are the egg, which represents life, and the rabbit, which represents fertility and abundance.

160g (5.64oz) soft cookie custard flavor (Disney Easter)

Custard-flavored soft cookies for Easter. The package is designed using Disney characters exclusive to Easter. There are a total of three Easter designs on the individual packages.

Bourbon "160g Soft Cookie Custard Flavor (Disney Easter)

200g (7.05oz) chocolate biscuit (Disney Easter)

Tart baked wheat germ cookies topped with chocolate cream. The individual wrappers come in a total of six designs featuring limited-edition Disney characters for Easter. The estimated price is 350 yen.

Bourbon "200g Choco Biscuit (Disney Easter)

150g (5.29oz) mini lumand (Easter)

A miniature version of the long-selling "Lemand" product in a large bag with a limited Easter design. Crisp and light crepe cookies are coated with mild cocoa cream. There are a total of three types of Easter-designed individual packages. The playful packaging with a "Mistakes" sign on top creates a fun time.

Bourbon "150g Mini Lumand (Easter)

125g (4.41oz) mini madeleine butter (Easter)

Bite-sized madeleines designed with a rabbit and colorful eggs exclusively for Easter. They are baked soft and moist. There are three types of Easter design individual packages.

Bourbon "125g mini madeleine butter (Easter)