Godiva Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocolate" to be available at Godiva Online Shop "Godiva Hot Chocolate" will be available at Godiva Online Shop from January 10, 2023.


Hot Chocolate" is a Godiva chocolate drink that can be easily enjoyed at home. Two flavors are available: "Milk Chocolate" with a milky aroma and a sweet and rich taste, and "Dark Chocolate" with a slightly bitter taste and an elegant cocoa aroma.

The Godiva Hot Chocolate comes in powder form, so it can be dissolved in warm milk. It can also be enjoyed in other arrangements, such as dissolving it in soy or oats milk.

The packaging is simple and premium-looking. The packaging is simple and premium, and the design is perfect for gift-giving.

Godiva Hot Chocolate" Product Outline

Product contents: 2 bags of milk chocolate and 2 bags of dark chocolate, for a total of 4 bags.
Sales period: From January 10, 2023
Available at: Godiva online store
Retail price: 2,160 yen (tax included)