Starbucks Chilled Cup Creamy Tea Latte


Chilled Cup Creamy Tea Latte

Starbucks will release a chilled cup series "Starbucks Creamy Tea Latte". The content is 200 ml and the price is 219 yen (excluding tax). The product will go on sale on September 5.

Starbucks Classic Tea Latte" was released in March this year. It was well received for its light finish, perfect for the spring and summer seasons. It will now be relaunched in time for the fall and winter seasons so that customers can enjoy the tea experience throughout the year.

Chilled Cup Creamy Tea Latte

Starbucks' signature creamy tea latte combines the depth of aromatic black tea with the richness of milk and the bittersweet sweetness of roasted sugar. The amount of fresh cream used has been increased for a more satisfying taste.

The packaging features a marbled pattern depicting the complex mixture of black tea, milk, and roasted sugar, and the overcap has been finished in a milky black tea hue. Enjoy the rich, creamy flavor for fall and winter, and enjoy a refreshing tea experience.