Starbucks "Double Matcha Tea Latte" and "Strawberry & Yewsberry Tea

Starbucks Coffee will release new summer tea beverages, Double Matcha Tea Latte and Strawberry & Yewsberry Tea, on June 22.

Double Matcha Tea Latte

The Double Matcha Tea Latte uses twice as much matcha powder as the standard Matcha Tea Latte, giving customers the satisfaction of fully enjoying the taste of matcha tea. Normally, the "Matcha Tea Latte" is only available hot, but the "Double Matcha Tea Latte" can be served iced as well. You can enjoy the rich flavor and texture.

To enjoy the rich matcha flavor and smooth texture, matcha green tea liquid is poured over the top of the gently sweetened milk. The beautiful gradation of the green matcha and white milk makes for a visually exciting beverage.

Prices start at 471 yen for short To go and 480 yen for eat-in (tax included).

Strawberry & Yewsberry Tea

Strawberry & Yewsberry Tea" is a bright red drink that combines the gorgeous, fruity flavor of white tea-based "Yewsberry Tea" with strawberry pulp and apple puree. The sweet, sour, and pulpy taste of the fruit can be enjoyed, and the fragrant, fruity flavor of quince juice stands out for its refreshing taste.

Prices start at 462 yen for short To go / 470 yen for eat-in.