Starbucks Tea & Cafe "Peach & Majestic Chai Tea

Starbucks Coffee will offer Peach & Majestic Chai Tea (hot and iced) and Peach & Majestic Chai Tea Frappuccino, a tea beverage that offers a new encounter between peach and chai.

Peach & Majestic Chai Tea

Majestic Chai Oolong, a blend of oolong, yerba mate, and rooibos teas with cinnamon, black pepper, and fruit, and Peach Tranquility, with the taste of peach and the soft aroma of chamomile, are combined with pulp and grated white peaches of different textures. The two teas are "Peach Tranquility," which is characterized by the taste of peach and the soft aroma of chamomile. The burst of sweetness from the peaches is followed by a spicy flavor that will become an addictive drink.

Iced Peach & Majestic Chai Tea is made by shaking two types of tea, white peach pulp, and grated white peach, then topping with whipped cream and cinnamon powder. The whipped cream and the mixture give the tea a slightly milky flavor, but with a different impression.

Tall 638 yen (tax included, same below). In-store use is 650 yen.

Peach & Majestic Chai Tea Frappuccino

A tea Frappuccino blending two types of tea with ice. You can directly feel the pulpy texture of white peaches and the flavor of grated white peaches, and enjoy the exquisite combination of spicy and fruity flavors. Price: 736 yen. In-store use is 750 yen.

Starbucks Tea & Cafe "Peach & Majestic Chai Tea Frappuccino

All items will be on sale from September 7, and will end as soon as they are gone. Starbucks Coffee Roppongi Hills Metro Hat/Hollywood Plaza, Starbucks Coffee Kirarina Keio Kichijoji, Starbucks Coffee LUCUA 2nd floor, Starbucks Coffee Toyama Marutto, Starbucks Coffee Amu Plaza Hakata 2nd floor, and Starbucks Tea & Cafe, which specializes in tea. Coffee Toyama Marutto store, Starbucks Coffee Amu Plaza Hakata 2nd floor store, and Starbucks Coffee Grand Front Osaka North Building 1st floor store, which will open on September 9.