Sukiya Meida Mayo Cheese Gyudon Tomato Cheese Gyudon

Sukiya Mentaiko Mayo Cheese Gyudon Tomato Cheese Gyudon

Sukiya will sell "Mentaiko Mayo Cheese Gyudon" and "Tomato Cheese Gyudon". The release date is April 18 at 9:00 a.m. Sukiya's very popular "Torotori-Three Kinds of Cheese Beef Bowl" has a new addition for a limited time. The end date of sales is yet to be determined.

Mentaiko Mayo


Beef Bowl The "Mentaiko Mayo Cheese Beef Bowl" in yellow and pink spring colors has a slightly stimulating flavor with the spiciness of mentaiko mayo, despite its light appearance. The spicy mentaiko mayo and the mild cheese give the dish two different tastes.

Tomato Cheese


Bowl "Tomato Cheese Beef Bowl" is a Western-style product with a rich tomato sauce and thick cheese in harmony. The tomato sauce has a refreshing sourness from the tomatoes and a rich flavor from the spices. Enjoy it with mild cheese.

Prices are as follows The price is the same for all three products: "Mentaiko Mayo Cheese Gyudon," "Tomato Cheese Gyudon," and "Tororo~ri 3 Kinds of Cheese Gyudon.

Mini 530 yen, medium 580 yen, large 760 yen, medium 760 yen, special 910 yen, and mega 1,060 yen (all prices include tax).