Ministop "Fresh Custard Eclair
Fresh Custard Eclair

Ministop Fresh

Custard Eclair A new sweet from Ministop, "Fresh Custard Eclair" will be available at all stores in Japan from April 11, 2023. The price is 162.00 yen per piece (tax included).

The "Eclair" is popular among people of all ages for its

milk chocolate-covered crust, Hokkaido pure fresh cream and custard

puff pastry, and chocolate-covered pastry. The eclair is a Western-style confectionary that is presented as a Ministop specialty.

Ministop "Fresh Custard Eclair

The fresh custard eclair has a thick, savory crust coated with sweet milk chocolate, and the dough is filled with a combination of custard cream and poip cream. The cream is made with 8.7% pure fresh cream from Hokkaido, which is a distinctive feature of the cake. The combination of sweet chocolate and creamy custard cream can be enjoyed.