Cafe COMSA "Strawberry Daifuku Cake

Cafe COMSAT Japanese C

ake Fair "Japanese Cake Fair" will be held at Cafe COMSAT from April 10 (Mon.) to May 11 (Thu.).

Japanese Material


The first "Japanese Material Fair" will be held in order to match the ancient Japanese food culture with cakes. The lineup includes three types of cakes made with Japanese ingredients, including a cake using amazake, which has a long history dating back to the Kofun period and is also known as a "drinking infusion. The cakes are beautifully decorated with patissier's techniques, and are unique to Cafe COMSA.

Amazake Mousse and Colorful Fruit Cake

This cake combines a mousse made with amazake and amazake malt from Kagurazaka's Ren MURO and colorful fruit. The mousse is sweetened only with amazake and rice malt for a gentle taste. You can enjoy its elegant taste. The base is mascarpone. Price: 1,000 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Amazake Mousse and Colorful Fruit Cake

Strawberry Daifuku Cake

You can enjoy the combination of Japanese and Western flavors in this cake. The patissier carefully handmade "Strawberry Daifuku" one by one using white bean paste and strawberries, and decorated with sweet and sour strawberries on a cream cheese base. Priced at 1,400 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Strawberry Daifuku Cake

Hojicha and Banana C

ake: Aromatic hojicha tea cream and moist, sweet bananas are combined in a bitter chocolate base and decorated with chocolate decorated to resemble tea leaves. The cake is decorated with chocolate that is reminiscent of tea leaves, allowing you to enjoy the fine taste of hojicha tea. Priced at 950 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Hojicha and Banana Cake

Price differs at the Ginza store.
Price and design may differ depending on the availability of fruits.