Morinaga & Co. "Darth of twigs" "Chocolate balls of twigs"

All four collaboration products commemorating the 50th anniversary of Morinaga & Co.'s long-selling chocolate brand "Koeda" will be released sequentially from May 17th. It will end as soon as none of them are gone.

Introducing brand collaboration products with the familiar "Dozen" and "Chocolate Ball" and collaboration products with ice cream that transcends the boundaries of categories. Each product has been devised to express the taste of "twigs", and you can enjoy the difference in taste by comparing the tastes. In addition, there are also playful variations in which the logo is a "small trick" in the design.

A dozen twigs

Chocolate that you can enjoy the taste of "twigs". Almonds and puffs with a crispy texture are trapped. The estimated price is 173 yen (tax included, same below). Released on May 18th.

Morinaga & Co. "Darth of Twigs"

Twig chocolate ball

A chocolate ball with almonds and puffs that has a pleasant texture while retaining the chocolate taste of "twig [milk]". The estimated price is 173 yen. Released on May 18th.

Morinaga & Co. "Twig chocolate ball"

Twig cookie

A cookie made by kneading almonds, puffs and shavings into the dough, imagining the taste of twigs. It is baked with a crispy texture. The estimated price is 238 yen. Released on May 18th.

Morinaga & Co. "Twig Cookie"

Twig ice bar

"Twig Ice Bar [Crisp Almond & Vanilla]" is a bar ice cream with the image of a twig that you can enjoy a crunchy and comfortable texture. Vanilla ice cream with crunched almonds is coated with chocolate with crunched almonds and biscuits. The estimated price is 162 yen. Released on May 17th. Limited to convenience stores.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Twig Ice Bar [Crisp Almond & Vanilla]"