Denny's x Godiva 2nd "GODIVA Chocolate Pancake" etc.

At Denny's, 5 kinds of chocolate desserts in collaboration with the luxury chocolate brand Godiva will be on sale for a limited time from April 1st. The collaboration between Denny's and Godiva will be the second.

Under the supervision of Godiva Executive Chef Chocolatier / Pastry Chef, Janic Chevroaux, Denny's and Godiva are particular about the details such as the deliciousness of each material, the texture, the beauty of the appearance, and the balance of the overall taste. Chocolate sweets that can only be made. Three new items that will be released for the first time this time and two items that were popular in the previous collaboration will be prepared. The list is below.

GODIVA chocolate pancakes

A fluffy pancake made by kneading chocolate into the dough and baking it for each order. Layered in 3 layers with smooth cream, Denny's original brownie was added to the top. A gorgeous dish where you can enjoy the contrast between the coldness of cocoa sorbet and chocolate sauce, the warmth of pancakes, and the temperature. The price is 999 yen (excluding tax).

GODIVA Chocolate French Toast

Denny's x Godiva 2nd "GODIVA Chocolate Pancake" etc.

The surface is soft and soft, and the inside is moist and moist. Freshly baked French toast using homemade Danish pastry is colored with rich chocolate sauce, elegantly sweet chocolate pudding, cacao sorbet, crispy fiantine cocoa and so on. A dish dessert with an attractive texture. The price is 799 yen (excluding tax).

GODIVA Chocolate Pudding Mini Parfait

Denny's x Godiva 2nd "GODIVA Chocolate Pancake" etc.

A mini parfait made by layering more than a dozen kinds of ingredients, centered on chocolate pudding with a smooth and elegant sweetness. Although the size is mini, you can enjoy the charm of various chocolates. The price is 599 yen (excluding tax).

The two products that will continue to appear last time are "GODIVA Chocolate Sundae" tax-excluded 1,099 yen and "GODIVA Chocolate Mini Parfait" tax-excluded 599 yen.

Some stores are not available. Both are scheduled to be sold until the end of May.