Chiikawa Minna Mogu Mogu Party♪2" in Gashapon
Image taken from the official website.


Chiikawa Minna

Mogu Party♪2

Bandai Gashapon will sell "Chiikawa Minna Mogu Party♪2". The price is 300 yen (tax included). The contents are random.

Chiikawa Minna Mogumogu


The second "Minna de Mogumogu Party♪" from the popular Chiikawa series, featuring a very cute eating figure, is now available! Otters are newly added to the lineup. The lineup consists of a total of four kinds as follows. The size is about 3.1cm.

・ Cheeky
・ Rabbit
・ Hachiware
・ Sea Otter

The cute Gashapon "Chii-Kawa Minna-Mogumogu Party♪ 2" will make you want to display all 4 kinds side by side. Why don't you try to complete the collection?