KALDI "Doiton Latte Blended Coffee

KALDIo Doytons Latte

Blended Coffee

I actually purchased and drank KALDIo's original "Doytons Latte Blended Coffee" sold at KALDIo Coffee Farm. The purchase price is 138 yen (tax included). It was on sale when I bought it.


Latte Blended Coffee "Doyton Latte Blended Coffee" is a deep-tasting Doyton coffee with plenty of milk added for a rich taste. The richness and sweetness of the coffee and milk can be enjoyed. Fresh cream is used.

KALDI "Doiton Latte Blended Coffee
Doyton Latte Blended Coffee

Doyton Coffee

is a coffee produced through a project started to support the independence of people living in the mountainous areas of northern Thailand and to restore the natural environment. The coffee is produced as an alternative crop to the poppy seed, which is used as a raw material for opium, and is linked to the stable livelihood of the people and the restoration of the forests. This coffee contains a lot of their passion for peaceful life.

The package design is fashionable and cute~! It is light to drink and has a strong sweetness. The flavor is a bit peculiar. Perhaps because it contains milk and cream, the overall finish is mild. There is also a subtle bitterness from the coffee.

KALDI "Doiton Latte Blended Coffee

Because it is sweet and can be enjoyed as a snack, the "Doiton Latte Blended Coffee" is perfect for when you want to take a break. It also looks delicious hot! Pick one up when you see it.