Bandai Candy Division "Coonuts: My Hero Academia
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no Hero Academia "Coonuts: Bokuno no Hero Academia" will be sold from the Bandai Candy Division's "Coonuts" series, a collectible item featuring various characters in a nut-shaped format that spins, shakes, and rises up like a "kite-boshi," a Japanese word for "toppling over" or "rising up. April. The price is 275 yen per piece (tax included). Includes a piece of gum (soda flavor).

Bandai Candy Division "Coonuts: My Hero Academia

The lineup includes not only the members of the Hero Department of Yuei High School, but also Yuei High School teachers, professional heroes, villains, and many other characters, for a total of 16 varieties (including one secret). They can be used individually or as a fun collection item.

The lineup is as follows

1. Idesugu Midoriya
2. Katsumi Bakugou
3. Ochako Reichi
4. Tenya Iida
5. Jyotetsu Todoroki
6. Ume Frogblade
7. Minoru Mineida
8. Eijiro Kirishima
9. Tadakage Tokidami
10. All Might
11. Endeavor
12. Hawks
13. Condolence Negari
14. Dami
15. Togahimiko
16. Secret

(C) Kohei Horikoshi / SHUEISHA, MY Hero Academia Production Committee