Bourbon "Petit Strawberry Langdosha" and "Petit Endo"

From Bourbon's "Petit Series", "Petit Strawberry Langdosha" and "Petit Endo" will be released on December 21st. Scheduled to be available at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, shops, etc.

Petit Strawberry Langdosha

A crispy and light textured Langdosha cookie sandwiched with sweet and sour strawberry cream for a limited time. You can enjoy the deliciousness of the langue de chat and the refreshing strawberry cream. Contents 42g (1.48oz), price is open.

Bourbon "Petit Strawberry Langdosha"

Petit peas

Peas-sized pea chips with a crisp texture. By kneading kelp and dried bonito stock into the dough, it has a delicious and delicious taste. Contains 2.8g (0.28oz) of dietary fiber. Contents 40g (1.41oz), price is open.

Bourbon "Petit Endo"

Petit series

The "Petit Series", which has been loved by many people since its launch in 1996, is a product that is easy to carry and can be enjoyed anywhere. It has been well received by a wide range of generations for its fun to choose and the appropriate size that can be eaten without waste.