Kabaya Shokuhin "Sakusaku Panda: Fragrant Darjeeling

Kabaya Foods' "Sakkusu-panda: Fragrant Darjeeling"

will go on sale on February 21 (Tuesday) from Kabaya Foods' chocolate cookie "Sakkusu-panda". To coincide with the release, a "Let's be healed by Sakkusu-panda" campaign will be held.


Fragrant Dar

jeeling A limited time offer in the "Sakkusu-panda" series, a series of chocolate cookies in the shape of a giant giant giant giant giant giant, based on the concept of "Happiness found, a healing giant. The three-layer structure consists of Darjeeling-flavored chocolate with a gorgeous aroma, rich milk chocolate, and a crunchy cookie with a savory texture.

Kabaya Shokuhin "Sakusaku Panda: Fragrant Darjeeling

There are 70 different faces of the chocolate breads. You can enjoy not only the particular flavor, but also the various cute faces of the Pandas.

Product name: Sakkusu-Panda: Fragrant Darjeeling
Category name: Chocolate confectionery
Content: 47g (1.66oz)
Price: Open price
Launch date: February 21, 2023 (Tuesday)


Let's be healed by Sakkusu-Panda" campaign

During the campaign period, when you purchase at least one of the target "Sakkusu-Panda" products The campaign is open to those who purchase at least one of the target products of "Sakkusakupanda" during the campaign period. The first 50,000 people to scan the QR code on the back of the package will receive a "Let's be healed with SakusakuPanda LINE Stamp". In addition, a total of 250 people who send a photo of their purchase receipt will be selected in a drawing to receive "Sakusaku Panda Original Healing Goods".

Let's be healed by Sakusakupanda Campaign

Receipt validity period: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - Friday, March 31, 2023
Application period: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - Friday, March 31, 2023 (23:59)
Application method: Application via dedicated website (smartphone and PC)
Application requirements: Receipt of at least one "Sakusaku Panda" product purchased and Q Conditions for application: Receipt of purchase of at least one "Sakusaku Panda" product and QR code
Target products: "Sakusaku Panda" zippered pouch products such as "Sakusaku Panda", "Sakusaku Panda Fragrance Flowering Darjeeling" and "Sakusaku Panda Dark Strawberry & Chocolate"

* Entries can also be submitted for products without campaign announcements.
Sakusaku-Panda Family Pack" and "FamilyMart Limited: Cute Choco Biscuit Sakusaku-Panda" are not eligible products.


is a chocolate cookie that was first sold in 1996 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. Currently, regular product "Sakusakupanda", limited time offer flavors, and family packs are available. It is characterized by its particular flavor, which is a combination of crispy biscuits and two kinds of chocolate, and by the cute expression on the face of the biscuit.

Kabaya Foods "Sakusaku-panda