Bandai Candy Division "Tabekko Dobutsu: Pukkuri Lavamass Gummies 2
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Tabekko Dobutsu: Pukkuri

Lavamassu G

ummies 2 Bandai Candy Division will sell "Tabekko Dobutsu: Pukkuri Lavamassu Gummies 2". The price is 330 yen (including tax). The product will go on sale around February 2023. It contains 1 rubber mascot (14 kinds in total) and 28g (0.99oz) of gummy candies.

The long-selling biscuit popular for its animal shape, GINBIS "Tabekko Dobutsu" gummy bears with a rubber mascot will make its second appearance. The colorful biscuit-shaped gummies are filled with delicious jelly and come in three flavors: grape, apple, and orange.

A total of 14 different plump, semi-solid rubber mascots are included at random: 6 realistic reproductions of cookies and 8 original illustrations of the "TABEKO DOBUTSU" friends, which are exclusive to this product. Both the candy and the extras are delicious and fun products.

Bandai Candy Division "Tabekko Dobutsu: Pukkuri Lavamass Gummies 2

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