Bandai Candy Division "Sumikko Gurashi: Pukkuri Lavamass Gummies 2
(Image taken from the official website)

Sumikko Gurashi Pukkuri Lavamous Gummies 2 are now available from Bandai Candy Division. The price is 290 yen per bag (excluding tax).

Sumikko Gurashi Pukkuri Lavamasco Gummies 2

Sumikko Gurashi's second gummi with a plump rubber mascot is now available. This time, the rubber mascot has turned into a fruit! The rubber mascot comes in a total of 14 varieties with cute designs of the "Sumicco" dressed as fruits. The gummies are grape-flavored, with a total of 13 varieties (5 colors) in the shape of Sumikko and Sumikko and others. The mascot lineup is as follows

1. a white bear
2. pengin?
3. Tonkatsu and Ebifurai's tail
4. cat
5. a tortoise
6. a white bear and a furoshiki
7. pengin? Penguins and tappiocas
Tonkatsu to Ebi Furai no Shita to Aji Furai no Shita
9. a cat and a panda
10. and the two-eyed bird and the two-eyed sleeper
A white bear and a Penguins?
A white bear, a pork cutlet, a shrimp thief's tail
13. a white bear and a Penguins?
14. a white bear and a cat

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