Bandai Candy Division "Chiikawa Pukkuri Lavamass Gummies 2
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Chiikawa Pukkuri

Lavamass G

ummies 2 Bandai Candy Division will sell "Chiikawa Pukkuri Lavamass Gummies 2" Scheduled to be released in July. The price is 330 yen (including tax). One rubber mascot (12 kinds in total) and 27g (0.95oz) of gummy candy.

The second series of gummies with a rubber mascot of Chiikawaka is now available. The plump, semi-3-dimensional design cutely expresses the chubby feeling of the characters. In addition to the popular "Chiikawa", "Hachiware", and "Usagi", the lineup includes "Momonga", "Kurimanju", "Shisa", "Otter", and "Anoko".

The gummies come in four shapes. There may be a slightly larger rare gummy in a friendly pose of Chiikawa and Hachiware. The flavor is peach.

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