Ministop "Premium Mandarin Blend

Ministop Premium Mandarin Blend

Ministop will sell a new specialty coffee product, Premium Mandarin Blend, which has a premium taste with an elegant bitterness and sweet aroma. The release date is January 20. The price is 140.40 yen (tax included). The calorie count is 5 kcal.



Blend "Premium Mandarin Blend" is made from Mandarin G1 (highest grade) beans, which have a rich, deep bitterness with a mellow aftertaste with no cloying taste and a sweet aroma reminiscent of cinnamon and herbs. The taste has an elegant bitterness and sweet aroma. Enjoy it in a special premium cup.

The Premium Mandarin Blend is only available in one size, hot.

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8% applied to take-out.
The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space.
When purchased as a single item, the price including tax will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.