Ueshima Coffee Shop "Pistachio Milk Coffee", "Ginger Chai", "Butterscotch Milk Coffee
pistachio milk coffee, ginger chai, butterscotch milk coffee

Ueshima Coffee Shop Pistachio Milk Coffee and Ginger Chai

Ueshima Coffee Shop will offer winter-only drinks "Pistachio Milk Coffee" and "Ginger Chai". The popular winter menu "Butterscotch Milk Coffee" is also available.

Pistachio Milk


"Pistachio Milk Coffee" is made with pistachios from Bronte Village in Sicily, Italy, which are also called "green gems" and are characterized by their bright color, rich aroma, and deep flavor.

This is combined with Ueshima Coffee Shop's standard menu item, milk coffee. The coffee is brewed using the double nerd drip method, in which the coffee is extracted once and then filtered and extracted again with new coffee powder.

The pleasant richness of the Ueshima Coffee Shop's nerd drip blend used in the milk coffee goes well with the pistachios, and this sweet drink allows you to enjoy the savory aroma that fills your mouth. Only hot is available.

The price is 740 yen for the R size (tax included) and 860 yen for the L size. It will be available from January 19, 2023 to early March.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Pistachio Milk Coffee
pistachio milk coffee



"Ginger Chai" is a Japanese milk black tea made with high quality "Yabukita" tea leaves, which have a good balance of aroma and taste, with the addition of Japanese Tosa golden ginger, which goes well with the tea. In addition, the addition of honey, which is a combination of green-cut mandarin orange juice, honey, cinnamon, and cloves, gives the tea a gentle sweetness. The flavor is designed around the theme of Japanese black tea and Japanese ingredients, and can be enjoyed on cold winter days when you want to warm your body from the inside out.

Prices are 670 yen for R size and 790 yen for L size for hot. Ice cream is an additional 20 yen. On sale from January 19, 2023 to the end of February.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Ginger Chai
ginger chai


Milk Coffee "Butterscotch Milk Coffee" is a milk coffee that makes you look forward to cold days.

Fermented butter is used to give it a rich, full flavor. The lingering flavor of the buttery, savory baked goods will soak into your cold winter body, allowing you to enjoy your coffee time with a peaceful feeling.

The price is 680 yen for the R size and 800 yen for the L size. The coffee will be on sale from the end of December 2022 to the end of February 2023.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Butterscotch Milk Coffee
butterscotch milk coffee