Ministop "Digital coupon ticket"

"Digital coupon tickets" that can be used for soft serve ice cream and coffee have begun to be sold at each Ministop store. You can use it yourself or send it to others as a small gift.

"Digital coupon ticket" is a new service that allows you to purchase the popular "soft serve vanilla" (235 yen, tax included, same below) and coffee S size (100 yen for both ice and hot) at a great price. You can purchase it at the "Plus Pass" site operated by Giftee or the "giftee" e-gift sales site where you can easily give gifts online. Payment can be made by credit card or each carrier. Details can be confirmed on each sales site.

Ministop "Digital coupon ticket"

To use, display the screen of the purchased ticket on your smartphone, enter the necessary information such as the code according to the guidance of the Loppi terminal installed at the store, and issue a coupon ticket. Within 30 minutes, present the issued coupon to the cashier to order the item.

The product list of "Digital coupon tickets" is as follows. Both are limited to take-out.

Coffee S size various coupons 6 cups 500 yen (1 cup worth of deals)
Coffee S size various coupons 12 cups 1,000 yen (2 cups worth of deals)
Coffee S size various coupons 25 cups 2,000 yen (5 cups worth of deals)
6 soft serve vanilla coupons 1,200 yen (about 1 discount)

* Coffee S size cannot be used at some stores such as highway service areas.