Aeon Christmas sweets "Buche de Noel with 3 kinds of Belgian chocolate cream

Aeon Select Sweets

Christmas S

weets Aeon Select Sweets, a series of sweets from Aeon, will be on sale at Aeon and Aeon Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku, offering a total of 8 Christmas sweets, including the classic Christmas "Buche de Noel" and a tree-inspired green tea Mont Blanc. The sales period is from December 22nd to December 31st. The sales period is from December 22 to December 25.

Luxurious strawberry shortcake

. A fluffy sponge sandwiches a milky whipped cream blended with fresh cream from Hokkaido. It is then topped with strawberry sauce and whipped topping, and decorated with 1.5 fresh strawberries. Hokkaido whipped cream accounts for 20% of the whipped cream. The price is 498 yen (excluding tax, the same below).

Aeon Christmas sweets "Strawberry Luxury Shortcake

Christmas Gateau Fruity

: A savory baked galette dough is filled with custard whip, which goes well with fruits, and topped with five kinds of fruits: pink grapefruit, orange, kiwi, white peach dice, and cranberry. This luxurious cake allows you to enjoy a variety of fruits at once. The price is 358 yen.

Aeon Christmas Sweets "Christmas Gâteau Fruie

Matcha Tree Mont Blanc

: Matcha cream made with Nishio's matcha green tea is made to look like a tree, topped with almonds to enhance the texture and matcha flavor, and covered with red freeze-dried strawberries and chocolate stars for a vibrant appearance. The price is 358 yen.

Aeon Christmas Sweets "Green Tea Tree Mont Blanc

Noel Pistache

is a five-layer pistachio cake with a slightly bitter cocoa sponge cake, pistachio mousse and strawberry mousse, and a bright red gelée with strawberry pulp. The deep flavor of roasted pistachios and the moderately tart strawberry mousse and gelée are a perfect match. The price is 358 yen.

Aeon Christmas sweets "Noel Pistache

Buche de Noel with Three Kinds of Belgian Chocolate Cream

The special Belgian chocolate cream blended with Hokkaido fresh cream and three kinds of Belgian chocolate is rolled up in a light and fluffy roll cake dough with a cocoa flavor. The cake is decorated with chocolate pellets, chocolate brownie, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios and holly leaves. Priced at 980 yen.

Aeon Christmas sweets "Buche de Noel with 3 kinds of Belgian chocolate cream

Zuccotto-style Mont Blanc Tart

A hemispherical cake with milk mousse, marron whip, and sponge layers on a tart base, reminiscent of the traditional Italian pastry "zuccotto". The cake is surrounded by a layer of marron whipped cream, and the top is generously decorated with Mont Blanc cream. Topped with sweet chestnut dice and sweetened astringent peel, the Mont Blanc tart is a hearty treat that allows the full flavor of chestnuts to be enjoyed. Priced at 980 yen.

Aeon Christmas Sweets "Zuccotto-style Mont Blanc Tart

Hokkaido Quattro Cheese Soufflé

: A fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese soufflé made with four kinds of cheese from Hokkaido: Gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese. It is topped with shiny apricot jam and decorative sugar. The price is 980 yen.

Aeon Christmas sweets "Hokkaido Quattro Cheese Souffle

Christmas Variety Cake Assortment

: Six different kinds of cakes are included in this assortment: "Buttery Apple Tart," "Green Tea Tart," "Belgian Chocolat Mousse," "Two-Color Peach Tart," "NY Cheesecake," and "Strawberry and Pistachio Tart. These colorful assorted cakes are inspired by Christmas colors. The price is 980 yen.

Aeon Christmas Sweets "Christmas Variety Cake Assortment