Fukubukuro 2023 DEAN&DELUCA


DEAN&DELUCA is pleased to announce the arrival of its annual "FUKUBUKURO 2023", a once-a-year treat filled with best-selling items, available for pre-order on the web. The variety of the grab bags will be different at each market store, online store, and café, and will end as soon as the bags are gone. One item per customer.

Essential Pantry Assortment, available only at market stores and online store

, includes Japanese ingredients ideal for entertaining, pasta, soup, and the popular truffle salt. You can easily enjoy the authentic taste of ingredients and production methods. The price is 5,400 yen (tax included, same as below).

DEAN&DELUCA "Essential Pantry Assortment," available exclusively at market stores and online

Paper Bag S Charcoal Gray (Height 35cm, Width 38cm, Gusset 17cm)
・ Ehime Sea Products Setouchi Sea bream rice for 2 cups
・ Miso soup with crab, egg and spinach / Miso soup with scallion and green onion / Miso soup with green laver
・ Vietnamese porridge with beef and onion / Chinese porridge with scallion and bok choy / Korean porridge with chicken and ginger / Japanese porridge with red snow fish and Eggs
・ Beef ragout sauce 130g (4.59oz)/ Truffle and chicken cream sauce 130g (4.59oz)
・ RUMMO Spaghettini 500g (17.64oz)
* Online store only has RUMMO Spaghetti 500g (17.64oz).
Truffle Salt 30g (1.06oz)

・ Truffle Salt 30g (1.06oz)

Market Stores and Online Store Exclusive Sweets Time Assortment

This grab bag includes Dean & Deluca's classic fruit punch, cookies, and other products that will make your tea time more colorful. Price: 5,400 yen.

DEAN&DELUCA "Market Store and Online Store Exclusive Sweets Time Assortment

Paper Bag S Charcoal Gray (Height 35cm Width 38cm Girth 17cm)
・ Rippa Burch di Dama Almond x Cacao 8pcs Red
・ Buttermilk Pancake Mix 450g (15.87oz)
・ New Year Blend Flour 227g (8.01oz)
・ Pistachio Cream 150g (5.29oz)
Good Morning Tokyo Granola Plain Granola 70g (2.47oz)
・ Fruit Punch S

This set includes a

Coffee Assortment

thermo tumbler and coffee, available

only at the cafe

. The coffee is a "New Year Blend" created with a wish to welcome the beginning of the new year with a cup of delicious coffee and a happy heart. This luxurious blend uses origins from Gachuani Factory in Kenya and Buenos Aires Estate in El Salvador. It comes with a gift card that can be used at the store. Price is 5,500 yen.

DEAN&DELUCA "Cafe Store Exclusive Coffee Assortment

Paper Bag S Charcoal Gray (Height 35cm Width 38cm Girth 17cm)
・ Thermo Tumbler Ice Blue 350ml (11.83us fl oz)
・ New Year Blend Powder 227g (8.01oz)
・ Langudosha 6pcs
・ Dean & Deluca Blend 1pc/3g (0.11oz) 2pcs
・ Rippa Burch di Dama Almond & times;cacao 8pcs
・ Decorative cookies zodiac sign (rabbit) 2023
・ Gift card for 1,000 yen

Reusable, earth-friendly paper package. Continuing on from last year, the packaging will be offered in a material and form that can be reused instead of immediately discarded, in an effort to reduce the amount of packaging bags that tend to become unnecessary after one use. This year's package is a subdued "charcoal gray" color.