From Famima, "EAT MASS BT21".


New BT21

"EATING MASS BT21" will be available from "EATING MASS", a Japanese confectionery series featuring


characters. It will be available in limited quantities at FamilyMart's chilled dessert section. There will be a total of four varieties, priced at 398 yen each (tax included). The release date is November 8.


The eight characters KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN from LINE FRIENDS' globally popular character brand "BT21" are all reproduced in an edible kneaded dessert. A total of four sets of two each of "KOYA/RJ", "SHOOKY/COOKY", "MANG/CHIMMY", and "TATA/VAN" are available.

The set is designed to look cute both from the front and from the side, with a rounded and cute baby face expression. The eight characters in one set are the first time in the history of the "EATING MASS" series, and when all the characters are lined up on a plate, you can recreate a lively scene as if the "BT21" characters are having a party.

KOYA and RJ are custard/milk flavor, SHOOKY and COOKY are chocolate/strawberry flavor, MANG and CHIMMY are chocolate/custard flavor, and TATA and VAN are strawberry/milk flavor.

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