McDonald's Triangle Choco Pie Well-Being Strawberry

McDonald's Autumn/Winter Sweets: New Triangle Choco Pie

McDonald's will release a new product "Triangle Choco Pie Well-Balanced Strawberry" to celebrate its 15th anniversary from the popular autumn/winter classic sweet "Triangle Choco Pie".

Triangle Choco Pie Well-Bari



Harmony of Strawberry Chocolate Cream, Strawberry Jam and Crunchy Pie

"Triangle Choco Pie Well-Bari Ichigo" is a new product that allows customers to enjoy two different types of filling with different textures. The strawberry chocolate cream expresses the flavorful sweetness of strawberries, while the strawberry jam accentuates the sweet and sour taste of strawberries.

McDonald's Triangle Choco Pie Well-Being Strawberry

The strawberry chocolate cream is made with freeze-dried strawberries, and the pie crust is flavored with a hint of strawberry.

The package design features a strawberry-colored "hungry bear" with dregs of food around his mouth from chewing on the pie. The quantity is limited.

McDonald's Triangle Choco Pie Well-Being Strawberry

Priced at 160 yen (tax included), it will be available from November 9, 2022 to late November.

Also on sale is the popular "Triangular Choco Pie Black," a classic with the texture of almonds and thick chocolate cream wrapped in a crispy pie crust. It is priced at 140 yen (tax included). This product will be on sale until early January 2023.