McDonald's "Triangular Choco Pie Well Custard" "Triangular Choco Pie Black"

From McDonald's autumn / winter tradition "Triangle Choco Pie", the first appearance "Triangle Choco Pie Good Bari Custard" and the classic popular "Triangle Choco Pie Black" will be released on October 13th (excluding some stores). For a limited time.

Triangular choco pie Custard

A pie full of rich sweetness using two types of custard. Yellow egg custard with vanilla beans and white milk custard are wrapped in layers of pie crust kneaded with white chocolate. A limited-time dessert that makes you feel like you're enjoying the harmony of two types of custard cream and crispy puff pastry. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Triangular Choco Pie Good Bare Custard"

Triangular choco pie black

A classic autumn / winter dessert with a crispy pie crust wrapped in a thick chocolate cream that you can enjoy the texture of almonds. You can enjoy the harmony of moderately sweet chocolate cream and puff pastry with a crispy texture layered on top of each other. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Triangle Choco Pie Black"

The product package is offered in a limited quantity with a design with a "squirrel" motif. You can feel the arrival of autumn from the moment you open the box.

McDonald's "Triangular Choco Pie Well Custard" "Triangular Choco Pie Black"