Rokkatei "October Mail Order Snack Shop
(Image source: Rokkatei's official website)

Rokkatei announced on its official website that a sweets set "October Mail Order Oyakoya-san" will be available for order until October 27. The selling price is 3,300 yen (including tax and delivery charge).

Rokkatei October Mail Order Oyakaya-san

The seasonal sweets include "Dongurikorokorokoro," a bite-sized monaka filled with crispy mocha white chocolate and shaped like an acorn, and "Potato Pie," a sweet potato surrounded by pie crust and baked to a golden brown, as well as the October confectionary, "Kabocha An (pumpkin bean paste) with Dainagon azuki beans. The October pastry is a "Pumpkin Pie," which is filled with pumpkin bean paste with Dainagon azuki beans and heated in a toaster oven, resulting in a crunchy dough with a sweet bean paste. In addition, Halloween packaged cookies and caramels are included along with the regular favorites.

Details are as follows. The numbers in parentheses are the day lengths.

Seafoam Cake Custard x 2 (about 2 days)
Pumpkin Pie x 2 (3-4 days)
Potato pie x 2 (3-4 days)
Marusei Butter Sandwich x 4 pieces (9-10 days)
Strawberry Chocolate White 60g (2.12oz) x 1 bag (about 20 days)
Marusei Butter Cake × 2 pieces (14-15 days)
MARUSEI CARAMEL HALLOWEEN × 2 bags (about 20 days)
Happy Halloween x 2 pieces (about 30 days)
Donguri korokoro 4 pieces × 1 bag (about 20 days)
Hyakusai × 2 pieces (for 20 days)
One pot Ogura-an × 1 piece (12-13 days)

Only home delivery is available. Since this is a special shipping item, it will not be shipped together with other items, nor will it be packaged in a bag, nor will Rokkatei points be given. Packaging design and assortment contents are subject to change without notice. In addition, delivery may take up to two weeks from the time of order receipt, and orders and shipments are subject to adjustment due to weather conditions and other factors. The company refuses to accept orders for resale, re-sale, or any other commercial purpose.