Rokkatei "April Mail Order Snack Shop".
April Mail Order Snack Shop

Rokkatei April



Snack Shop Rokkatei announced on its official website that it has launched a mail order only sweets set, "April Mail Order Snack Shop", which can be ordered until April 26, 2023. The delivery period is from April 3 to May 1. 19 pieces in a set are priced at 3,100 yen (including tax and cool delivery fee, excluding Okinawa Prefecture).

Rokkatei "April Mail Order Snack Shop".


assortment includes Marusei Butter Sandwich and the new "K



," the newly released "Kakko-no-Sato Caramel" with melt-in-your-mouth caramel cream sandwiched between thinly baked dough, Rokkatei Daigo, a combination of fluffy cheese souffle dough and rich cheese cream recommended by Rokkatei, etc. will arrive in a flower-patterned box together with the standard "Marusei Butter Sandwich" and other items.

Rokkatei "Kakunosato Caramel
Kakko no Sato Caramel

Rokkatei "Rokkatei Daigo
Rokkatei Daigo

Details are as follows. The figures in parentheses indicate the shelf life.

Rokkatei Daigo × 2 (2-3 days)
・ Marusei Butter Sandwich × 4 (9-10 days)
・ Marusei Butter Cake × 2 (14-15 days)
・ Strawberry Chocolate Milk 60g (2.12oz) packet × 1 bag (about 20 days)
・ Nawame Monmonyo × 2 (14-15 days)
Hata no Daichi Hirobiro x 2 pieces (approx. 30 days)
・ Kakunosato Caramel x 2 pieces (approx. 60 days)
・ Thanks to you x 2 pieces (approx. 60 days)
・ By two persons x 2 pieces (14-15 days)

Home delivery only. Since this is a special shipping item, it cannot be shipped together with other items or packaged in a bag, and is not eligible for Rokkatei points. Packaging design and assortment contents are subject to change without notice.

Delivery may take up to 2 weeks from the time of order receipt. Orders and shipments are subject to adjustment depending on weather conditions and other factors. Resale, re-sale, or other commercial purchases will be refused.