Kentucky "Red Hot Stick"

Kentucky Fried Chicken New Product

Kentucky Fried Chicken will start selling "Red Hot Sticks" in limited quantities on November 2. The product will also be available in sets such as the "Red Hot Stick Set" and "Red Hot Stick Pack.

Kentucky "Red Hot Stick

The popular Red Hot Chicken is now available in an easy-to-eat size. The name is "Red Hot Stick.

Red Hot Stick" is KFC's winter chicken that combines the pungent spiciness of Red Hot Chicken with the flavor of bone-in chicken wings. Not only the batter but also the chicken itself is well seasoned, making it easy to enjoy the spiciness of the chili and habanero peppers and the delicious taste of the chicken after the crunch of the batter. Another appeal of this dish is that it is made from chicken wings, which are easy to eat despite being bone-in. The spicy and tasty flavor is perfect for the coming season, which is getting colder by the day. The price is 190 yen (tax included).

In addition, the following special set items are also available.

Kentucky "Red Hot Stick"

Red Hot Stick 2 Piece

Price: 350 yen (stacking price: 380 yen).

Red Hot Stick 3 pieces

Price: 500 yen (stacked price: 570 yen)

Red Hot Stick Set

Price is 750 yen (stacked price 880 yen). Set includes 2 pieces of Red Hot Stick, 1 piece of original chicken, and drink M.

Red Hot Stick Pack

Price: 1,200 yen (stack price: 1,420 yen). Set of 2 pieces of Red Hot Stick and 4 pieces of Original Chicken.

Stacked price is the price of the individual items combined.
Limited quantities available; sales will end when all items are gone.
Stacked price is the sum of the prices of individual items.