Morinaga Milk Industry "Pinot Mont Blanc

Morinaga Milk Industry Pinot

Morinaga Milk Industry's long-selling brand Pinot series will release "Pinot Mont Blanc" at convenience stores from October 25th and nationwide from December 5th, both in limited quantities.

Launched in 1976, "Pinot" is a long-selling brand of ice cream that offers a perfect balance of chocolate and ice cream.

Pinot Mont Blanc

Pinot Mont Blanc" is the first flavor in the history of Pinot, inspired by "Mont Blanc," a sweet treat using marrons. It is a bite-sized scoop of rich marron ice cream coated with marron-flavored chocolate mixed with cookie-flavored toppings.

Morinaga Milk Industry "Pinot Mont Blanc

Rich marron ice cream coated with marron-flavored chocolate with cookie-flavored topping

Marron ice cream made from Italian chestnut marron paste is flavored with a hint of Western liquor, giving it a rich, flavorful marron taste with a mature taste (derived from flavoring, no Western liquor is used).

The cookie-flavored topping also expresses the crispy and light texture of the Mont Blanc pedestal. You can enjoy the complex texture as if you are eating Mont Blanc from a specialty sweets store.

The package features a spiral pattern that resembles the cream of Mont Blanc. The design is stylish and fashionable, reminiscent of a sweets specialty store.

The product contains 60 ml (10 ml x 6 pieces) and is priced at 190 yen (excluding tax).