Morinaga Milk Industry "Pinot: Fragrant Milk Tea

Morinaga Milk Industry's long-selling brand "Pinot" will release "Pinot Aroma Huayagu Milk Tea" on August 22. The product will contain 60 ml (10 ml x 6 pieces) and will be priced at 150 yen (excluding tax).

Pinot Aroma Flowering Milk Tea

Pino Aroma Huayagu Milk Tea" is a bite-type ice cream made of rich milk tea ice cream and coated with smooth black tea chocolate. The "Pino" series has had a milk tea flavor in the past, but this is the first time that black tea chocolate has been used for the coating. By using aromatic Darjeeling tea in the chocolate coating as well, the aroma of black tea can be felt not only at the moment of eating, but also from the moment of opening the box.

Morinaga Milk Industry "Pinot: Fragrant Milk Tea

The milk tea ice cream is a combination of Assam black tea and rich milk. You can enjoy the rich taste of milk tea. The package design evokes an atmosphere where the aroma of black tea rises.


Pino" is a long-selling brand of ice cream that offers a perfect balance of chocolate and ice cream and brings a smile to the face when eaten.