Thick Chocolat Egg Bread" from "Honsuye" in Azabujuban

Motosue, an egg specialty store in Azabu Juban, will release the second version of its famous thick egg bread, "thick chocolatey egg bread". The release date is October 20. The price is 591 yen per piece (tax included). Available at the Azabu Juban store, in-store, or via mobile order.

Honsuye Rich Chocolat Egg Bread

The new "rich chocolatey egg bread," which is fun to pair with adult beverages, also has a subtle bitterness of cacao and goes very well with standard drinks such as coffee and tea. The main ingredients are chocolatey paste made from high-quality cacao and carefully selected eggs that are NON-GMO (bred to be made from non-genetically modified ingredients). Because it is a simple product with no frills, we are particular about the ingredients and pursue a straightforward, unadulterated taste so that people can eat it with peace of mind.

The softness of the bread can be easily scooped with a spoon, light like a soufflé, moist like a terrine, and can be transformed into a deco bread by decorating it with cream, berries, nuts, etc. on X'mas Day.