7-ELEVEN "Terrine Chocolat"
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At each 7-ELEVEN store, we have put together the new arrival sweets and sweet bread that will be released on March 3rd! There are 4 items in the lineup that you are interested in. * Product handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Terrine chocolate 181 yen (tax included, same below)

7-ELEVEN "Terrine Chocolat"

A smooth, melting gateau chocolate with a new texture. Couverture chocolate using 3 types of cacao, tailored to a rich taste.

・ Mochitodora Pudding & Whipped Cream 192 yen * Released on March 4th

7-ELEVEN "Mochitodora Pudding & Whipped Cream"

A voluminous Japanese-Western eclectic dessert with bittersweet caramel and rich custard pudding wrapped in a chewy dorayaki dough. The pudding is made from the special egg "Egroyale".

・ Maple-flavored moist bread 129 yen

7-ELEVEN "Maple-flavored moist bread"

A meal bread with a slightly sweet maple-flavored sheet folded into a moist bread dough.

・ Addictive! Maple bread 140 yen

7-ELEVEN "Addictive! Maple Bread"

A sweet bread with a maple-flavored filling and margarine wrapped in a soft and soft bread dough. The maple-flavored crepe dough is fluffy and baked.