Lawson "Monte Bianco

A new frozen dessert product, Monte Bianco, will go on sale at Lawson on October 18. The price is 419 yen (tax included).

Monte Bianco

Monte Bianco" is an Italian dessert that means "white mountain" in Italian. It refers to the highest peak in Europe, 4,807 meters above sea level, located on the border between Italy and France. It is called "Monte Bianco" in Italy and "Mont Blanc" in France, and both countries have desserts based on this white mountain.

France's "Mont Blanc" is generally made with fresh cream topped with marron cream. On the other hand, "Monte Bianco" in Italy features fresh cream topping on top of marron cream.

Lawson's "Monte Bianco" is a frozen dessert that combines smooth marron cream and whipped cream on a smooth meringue. The meringue made with almond pudding is coated with white chocolate for a crispy texture. The marron cream and whipped cream are flavored with rum for an adult taste.

Lawson "Monte Bianco

Comes in a pack of two and can be stocked or shared. They can be eaten right out of the freezer, making them easy to enjoy without the hassle of defrosting.

Editor's note (October 17): "Monte Bianco," which was scheduled to go on sale on October 18, has been suddenly postponed.

LAWSON Frozen Dessert Series

Lawson will launch frozen desserts in April 2021. Currently, four types are available at Lawson stores nationwide: "Cheese Tart" (419 yen including tax), "Apple Pie with Gorotto Apples" (419 yen including tax), "Tiramisu" (430 yen including tax), and "Four Kinds of Macarons" (451 yen including tax). In addition to the demand for stocking up under Corona, the convenience of being able to eat them right out of the freezer without the hassle of defrosting them has been well received.

Lawson "Cheese Tart