Lawson "An Butter Danish Roll

Frozen bakery "Ita Chocolate Danish" and "An Butter Danish Roll" will be available at Lawson on June 28.

Chocolate Danish roll

These Danish pastries are made with buttery Danish pastry dough and crispy chocolate. It can be eaten straight from the freezer, but if you warm it up in the toaster, the chocolate will melt in your mouth. The price is 235 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Chocolate Danish

An Butter Danish Roll

This product requires microwaving and defrosting before eating. When heated in the microwave, the aroma of butter kneaded into the Danish dough spreads softly. The cubes of butter melt into the anko (red bean paste) cream, creating a sweet and sour taste. Price: 279 yen (tax included).

Lawson "An Butter Danish Roll

As the number of people eating at home under the corona increases and the demand for stockable foods expands, the need for frozen foods is growing. In fiscal year 2021, LAWSON saw approximately 10% year-on-year growth in frozen food sales (March 2021-February 2022 results).

LAWSON launched frozen bakery products in October 2019; "Bran's Croissant" and "Bran's English Muffin," which had been on sale since December 2021, were particularly popular among women in their 40s to 60s (April 2022 results; purchasing customer segments are based on membership data).