Cafe COMSA "Niigata Pear 'Shinbigetsu/Shin-O' Cake".

Niigata Pear "Shinbigetsu/New King" Cake will be available from September 17 to the end of September from Café COMSA. The price is 1,000 yen per piece (tax included).

Niigata Pear "Shinbigetsu/New King" Cake

Shinmizuki" and "Shin-O" pears produced in Niigata Prefecture are used in this cake.

According to Café COMSA, Niigata Prefecture is said to be the best place to grow pears because of the fertile soil provided by the Shinano River and the abundant amount of sunlight from early spring to summer, and has been known as one of the leading pear-growing areas in Japan since the Edo period.

Shinbigetsu and Shin-Oh were each registered as a variety in 2013. Shinbigetsu is a delicious pear born in Niigata and is likened to the moon, while Shin-Oh was named after the king of pears, born in Niigata. Both varieties are rarely available in the market.

The cake was decorated with a design of pear blossoms, mildly sweet condensed milk mousse, and honey jelly. The crunchy texture and mascarpone are a perfect match.

Price differs for Ginza store. The sales period is subject to change depending on the availability of fruits. In addition, the Chiba Sogo store offers a cake made with pears grown in Chiba Prefecture.