Heart Chocolate (Whole Grain Biscuit) Bag" from Fujiya

Heart Chocolate (Whole Grain Biscuit) Bag" will be released from the long-selling "Heart Chocolate" brand of Fujiya. The release date is September 27. It will contain 14 pieces (individually wrapped) and will be available at an open price.

Heart Chocolate (Whole Grain Biscuit) Bag

This cute heart-shaped chocolate is the result of the pursuit of the best balance between the crunchy texture and savory flavor of "whole grain biscuits" and "milk chocolate. You can enjoy the addictive crunchy texture. The individual wrappings allow you to write a message, making it a perfect small gift to convey your feelings.

If you write a message, it will make a small gift that conveys your heart. Fujiya "Heart Chocolate (Whole Grain Biscuit) Bag". It would be convenient to keep it in stock.