Shateraise Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Sweets

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day sweets will be available at Chateraise for four days only from September 16 to 19. The lineup includes Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Arigato Decoration of Yamanashi Prefecture's Shine Muscat," "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Tiramisu Parfait," "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Red Beans and Chestnut Shortcake," "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Longevity Manju," "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Marudai," and "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Tomoshiraga.

Chateraise Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Sweets

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Thank You Decoration of Yamanashi Prefecture's Shine Muscat

A soft and light sponge cake sandwiched between whipped cream, sweet and sour strawberries, and La France in syrup, and lavishly decorated with Yamanashi-produced Cheyenne Muscat. You can fully enjoy the refined sweetness and noble aroma of the Shine Muscat. The size is 14 cm and the price is 3,024 yen (including tax, the same below). Limited quantity. Orders can also be placed through "Web Reservation," a service that allows customers to make reservations online and pick up the cake at the store.

Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Thank You Decoration of Yamanashi Prefecture's Cheinmuscat

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Tiramisu Parfait

Tiramisu in a cup made with Hokkaido mascarpone cheese. Sponge with coffee syrup and melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream are layered with tiramisu cream made with Hokkaido mascarpone cheese and finished with whipped cream and cocoa powder. The slight sweetness of the tiramisu cream and the bitterness of the coffee syrup and cocoa powder make this dessert a little bit more sophisticated. The price is 399 yen. Limited quantities available.

Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Tiramisu Parfait

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Shortcake with Red Beans and Chestnuts

A shortcake with a Japanese taste, combining three kinds of homemade red bean paste cooked with famous Hakushu water and fruits. A sponge cake with molasses syrup sandwiched between whipped cream flavored with red bean paste, mizu-yokan made with red bean paste, and chestnut red bean paste. The cake is decorated with colorful fruits and a generous amount of sweet bean paste. The price is 399 yen. Limited quantity.

Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Red Beans and Chestnut Shortcake

Japanese sweets perfect for Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day to celebrate longevity will go on sale on September 9. Priced at 162 yen each. The sale will end as soon as they are gone.

Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Longevity Manjuu", "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Round Sea Bream", "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Tomo Shiraga".
Longevity bun (left), round sea bream (upper right), Tomo Shiraga (lower right)

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Longevity Manju

A jyoyo bun made of high-quality rice flour and yam flour, wrapped in homemade red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans. It is topped with a sweet bean paste that resembles a maple leaf in autumn, and the surface is branded with the words "Celebration of Respect for the Elderly".

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Round sea bream

A sweet with the image of a "sea bream," a symbol of congratulations. The round sea bream is made by wrapping home-cooked ume bean paste in pink nerikiri red bean paste.

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Tomo Shiraga

A soft Yuki-hirage mochi (a type of sweet made of rice flour) is wrapped in homemade white bean paste and topped with a colorful white and red nerikiri red bean paste. Tomoshiraga" has the meaning of "I hope you will live long until your hair grows gray together.