Cocos "Pitatto! Lascal 3D Magnet Vol. 6".

Cocos is introducing the sixth series of "Pitatto! Lascal 3D Magnet" has been introduced at Cocos starting from the stores where the 5th magnet has been sold. The magnets will be included with every order of the applicable menu items.

Snap! Lascal 3D Magnet

For every order of a menu item with a "Lascal magnet" attached, a "Pitatto! Lascal 3D magnet" will be attached to every order of the menu items with "Lascal magnet attached". The sixth issue is a sequel to the fifth issue, "Yuuka Inai Kogaku Tai".

Rascal, dressed in his Cocos uniform and with a single mind to make everyone smile, is very active with the theme of "music. Rascal's girlfriend Lily, with her cute musical note hair ornament, also makes an appearance.

Playing a total of six different instruments, including a trumpet, accordion, and tekkiton, it looks as if you can hear a lively melody right now! The soothing expression on Rascal's face as he happily plays is also noteworthy.

If you like Rascal, you can't miss the "Pitatto! Rascal 3D Magnet" is not to be missed if you like Rascal. Be sure to check it out!

The magnets will end as soon as they are gone.
The start date may differ depending on the store.