Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair
(Image source: Aunt Stella's Cookies official website)

A "Halloween Fair" will be held at Aunt Stella's Cookies, the official website announced. Halloween Theater (Pumpkin), Halloween Friends, Halloween House, Halloween Party, and Stella's Barrels (Halloween) will be available from September 1 through October 31.

Halloween Theater (Pumpkin)

Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair

Halloween Theater (Pumpkin)" is a set of standard cookies and seasonal cookies suitable for small handouts. The package is designed to be exciting, with a storyboard-like device.

The set includes one each of chocolate chip, old fashioned sugar, and apple custard (with apple flavor), and two pumpkin pudding (with pumpkin flavor), for a total of five cookies, priced at 540 yen (including tax, the same below).

Halloween Friend

Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair

Halloween Friend" is a set that allows you to easily get into the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin and black cat design on the front and back.

The set includes one each of chocolate chip, pumpkin pudding, marron chocolate (with marron flavor), and apple custard, and two pieces of old fashioned sugar. The total of 6 pieces is priced at 648 yen.

Halloween House

Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair

Halloween House" is a package suitable for Halloween gifts and souvenirs, with the lid opening to reveal a scene of ghosts enjoying Halloween in a house. It can also be used as a Halloween display in a room.

The package contains one Old Fashioned Sugar, two each of Chocolate Chip, Sesame, Pumpkin Pudding, Marron Chocolate, and Apple Custard. The total of 11 pieces is priced at 1,080 yen.

Halloween Party

Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair

Halloween Party" is a set of Halloween gift boxes that open to reveal houses and ghosts. It is an assortment of standard cookies and seasonal cookies.

The set includes one savory caramel hazelnut, two each of old fashioned sugar, sesame, pumpkin pudding, marron chocolate, and apple custard, and three chocolate chip cookies. The total of 14 pieces is priced at 1,404 yen.

Stella's Barrel (Halloween)

Aunt Stella's Cookies "Halloween Fair

Stella's Barrel (Halloween) is a set for parties and other large gatherings. It is a large assortment of cookies in Halloween-inspired orange and purple packaging.

It includes two each of apple custard and savory caramel hazelnut, three each of old fashioned sugar and black tea, four each of chocolate chip and sesame, and five each of pumpkin pudding and marron chocolate. The total of 28 pieces is priced at 2,160 yen.