Shakey's "Desa Win Fair" Summary

The "Desa Win Fair" will be held at Shakey's with a buffet of Halloween-specific desserts. The "Pumpkin Pudding Pizza," "Honey Ghost Jr." "Kabo Jack Pudding," "Dracula Apricot," "Shakey Shakey Potato Honey Butter Flavor" and "Secret Potato" will be available from September 13 to October 31.

Shakey's "Desa Win Fair" Summary

Pumpkin Pudding Pizza

Kabocha Pudding Pizza" is a Halloween dessert pizza using pumpkin as a fall delicacy.

Honey Cheese Ghost Jr.

Honey Cheese Ghost Jr." is a mini pizza flavored with honey cheese. As the name suggests, honey is used.

Kabo Jack Pudding

Kabo Jack Pudding is a salad bar menu item. It is a sweet featuring a slightly scary yet cute monster popular on Halloween overseas. It is a pumpkin pudding with Halloween specifications.

Dracula Anjin

Dracula Apricot Pudding is also on the salad bar menu. It is apricot pudding with berry sauce.

Shekisheki Potato Honey Butter Flavor

Shekisheki Potato Honey Butter Flavor is a Halloween-only version of the Shekisheki Potato that is served with flavored powder. It is said to have an irresistible sweet and savory flavor.

Secret Potato

The "Secret Potato" will be available on October 11. The color of the fries changes to Halloween specifications, and they will only be available at select stores. Not available at Fukudaya SP Utsunomiya.

The contents handled may differ depending on the store, and the sales period may change depending on the availability of ingredients. Prices vary by store, date and time, adults, children, seniors, etc.

For example, at Shakey's Shinjuku-dori for adults, the lunch buffet is 1,400 yen (tax included, same below), the dinner buffet is 1,820 yen, and the holiday buffet is 1,860 yen. To-go: single 800 yen, double 1,280 yen, and large 1,700 yen. The Annex Kawatoku restaurant in Iwate Prefecture is not participating in the fair.