Funabashiya Koyomi "Apricot Mochiri (Kiwi)

Funabashiya's sister brand Funabashiya Koyomi, launched by Funabashiya to commemorate the 200th anniversary of its founding, will sell "Apricot Mochiri (Kiwi)" for a limited time. The sales period is from August 2 to August 31. The price is 540 yen per piece (tax included).

Anjin Mochiri (Kiwi)

Funabashiya Koyomi, which offers Japanese and Western sweets, is introducing a new texture sweet, "Anjin Mochiri (Kiwi)," only in August. It is named "Mochiri" because of its characteristic firmer texture.

The secret to the mochi's firmer texture is wheat starch, the ingredient of kuzumochi, which is fermented with lactic acid bacteria for 450 days and then kneaded with apricot kernel, milk, and fresh cream to create the "apricot kernel mochiri".

The top layer is a luxurious kiwi puree made from fresh kiwi. Its fresh and juicy flavor will definitely make it easy to eat even in the hot summer. The smooth texture of the apricot mochi and the sweet and sour taste of the kiwi make a perfect match.

Funabashiya Koyomi stores are as follows
Hiroo Main Store, Perrier Chiba Ekinaka Store, Ecute Tokyo Store, Ecute Edition Shibuya Store