Kracie Foods "TABERU Zukan: Sea Creatures" (Japanese only)

Classified Foods' intellectual and educational confectionery brand, which aims to "nurture children's self-confidence," will sell "TABERU Zukan: Sea Creatures" (Japanese only). The product will go on sale on August 8. It will be available at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores.

"TABERU Zukan: Sea Creatures

The second product in the "TABERU Zukan" series, "TABERU Zukan: Sea Life," is an educational snack that explores children's "likes" by allowing them to learn about the ecology of sea creatures by making gummy bears in the shape of a realistic-looking humpback whale, whale shark, or penguin and observing them through the package and miniature picture book. Children can make gummy bears by pouring "gummy substance" into the tray of realistic, three-dimensional sea creatures supervised by the Tokai University Marine Science Museum and the Tokai University Faculty of Oceanography. The shape of the gummi looks just like the real thing. The light blue and green colors are refreshing and cute.

The package explains the ecology of sea creatures, and the original miniature illustrated book and the web-based illustrated book accessible via QR code allow for further learning.