Mos Burger "Shine Muscat Soda"
"Shine Muscat Soda" with grapes born in Japan

"Shine Muscat Soda" will be on sale for a limited time at Mos Burger. At the same time, the "Most Chicken Set", which is a set of popular side menus, will also be released. The handling period is from November 28, 2019 to the end of January 2020.

The price is 213 yen for S size (excluding tax, the same applies below), 269 yen for M size, and 334 yen for L size. You can also choose it as a set drink.

Shine Muscat is a Japanese-born white grape that was registered as a variety in 2006 by crossing the grapes "Akitsu No. 21" and "Hakunan". It is a seedless variety that can be eaten with the skin, and has a large grain and a sweet and juicy taste. According to the statistics of Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, the amount of Shine Muscat handled has increased about 2.5 times in the last five years. What is offered at Moss this time is an original carbonated drink that uses 0.14% of the juice.

Carbonated water is mixed with syrup made from fruit juice made by squeezing whole grapes, and lemon combs are added. The sweetness is suppressed and refreshed so that you can enjoy the original flavor of Shine Muscat. The elegant sweetness of Shine Muscat is combined with the moderate acidity of lemon, and it goes well with hamburgers.

Mos Burger "Moss Chicken Set"
Most chicken set will also be on sale for a limited time

The "Moss Chicken Set" is a hamburger with an additional charge of 454 yen, and you can add the popular "Moss Chicken" (250 yen separately) as a side menu and your favorite set drink M. The charm of moss chicken is the juicy taste of chicken breast soaked in a special soy sauce sauce, which is savoryly fried in a garment containing rice flour. You can save 30 to 71 yen compared to purchasing each separately.