Nissin Sysco "Choco Flake Choco-kake 200%".

Nissin Sysco will sell Choco Flake Choco Kake 200% and Choco Flake Mild Bitter. Both products will go on sale on September 5. Both products will be available in two different package designs to create the "fun of choice.

Choco Flake Choco-kake 200%

Choco Flake Choco-kake 200%" is the largest amount of chocolate on a Nissin Sysco Choco Flake ever, allowing consumers to enjoy a richer-than-usual taste. The corn flakes are coated with "W-blend cacao chocolate," a blend of cacao from Ghana and Ecuador. Compared to regular "Choco Flakes," the amount of chocolate used to coat the corn flakes is 200% richer. The price is 130 yen (excluding tax, the same below).

Nissin Sysco "Choco Flake Choco-kake 200%".

Choco Flake Mild Bitter

Choco Flake Mild Bitter is a chocolate flake with a slightly mature taste. The "W blend cacao chocolate" is a blend of Ecuadorian cacao with a rich and gorgeous aroma and Ghanaian cacao with a well-balanced bitter and sour taste. The corn flakes are coated with a rich bitter chocolate made from two types of cacao, one from Ecuador and the other from Ghana. The price is 120 yen.

Nissin Sysco "Choco Flake Mild Bitter