Essiree Glace Bourg au Citron" from Essiree Maison du Bourg

Essire Maison du Boulle, a specialty store of Essire, a French A.O.P. certified fermented butter, will introduce a long-awaited new flavor "Boulle au Citron" to its popular classic ice cream "Essire Glass". The release date is July 16. Limited quantities. Price: 562 yen (tax included).

Eshile Glass Bourg au Citron

A paste of lemon peel is added to the Essirée Glace to add a nice garlicky flavor and aroma. The addition of egg yolk deepens the richness of the paste and brings the lemon together, creating a smooth and elegant taste. Chopped lemon peel adds texture and flavor. The freshness and subtle acidity of the citrus fruits and the rich, milky buttery aroma combine to create a pleasant harmony. This superb marriage of richness and quality ingredients, made with luxurious Essire butter, is recommended as a souvenir for your loved ones or as a rich snack.

Essiree Maison du Bourg

Opened in 2009 in Marunouchi Brick Square, this is the world's first store specializing in Essiree butter. Since its opening, the store has gained popularity for its new flavors based on original recipes, such as the "Gateau Essilé Naturale," which creates a new taste of butter cream, croissants, financiers, madeleines, and other baked goods using an abundance of Essilé butter.