Kappa Sushi × Jutsu Kaisen Original Glitter Sticker Present Campaign

Kappa Sushi collaborates with TV anime "Jutsu Kaisen". An original glitter sticker present campaign will be held exclusively for app members.

Kappa Sushi Jutsu Kaisen Original Glitter Sticker Present Campaign

The campaign is available to those who spend 2,000 yen (including tax) or more on food and beverage or takeout at Kappa Sushi restaurants and present the corresponding exchange ticket in the official Kappa Sushi app at the cash register when paying. Original glitter stickers featuring popular characters from the Jutsu Kaisen will be given as a present.

One sticker will be given for every 2,000 yen spent including tax. The 'Original Sparkle Sticker' comes in 5 different designs, including 'Torajo/Sukuusatsu ver' with the main character Torajo and the 'King of Curses', 'Fushikuro/Kugisaki ver', '2nd Year Student ver', 'Nanami/ Gojo ver' and 'Natsuyu/ Mahito ver', all popular characters of the 'Jyutsu Kaisen'. The pattern cannot be selected.

In addition, a double chance campaign has been prepared in which a total of 500 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who obtain the original glitter stickers to win a limited original sushi plate. The winner will be chosen by entering the serial code included with the sticker. Two types of plates will be available.

The campaign will begin on July 23. Distribution of the stickers will end as soon as all the stickers are distributed at each store.